Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ottawa Animation Festival 2006

Ottawa Animation Festival 2006
ALL CHARACTERS, places and/or things are fictional and should not be represented as real unless otherwise stated

Chapter 1: Airport 1

At the airport we managed to get there early enough so I could get something to eat at the Airport A&W. My brother tagged along and he missed a few minutes of school. He would have missed more, but he had forgotten. My mother phoned the school and told them to tell him to leave. Enough introduction. In the plane. Wait. Wait. "This is your captain... Uh, Sorry, We 're going to wait for a while..." "Okay, since we waited, Now we have to wait for a half hour, as we wait for planes to land." "Okay, we're good to go."

Chapter 2: Airplane 1

The TV the we had was black and white. I watched the news with alternate channels of music, etc. And to make things more interesting, the movie as well. We arrived in Ottawa with a guy waiting to take us to my mom's friend's house. She had flown in from Vancouver not an hour and a half ago.

Chapter 3: Night 1

So we got to the house (it's very creaky), and I basically went to sleep. My mom talked to her friend for a while, probably. There was a light on in a middle room all night.

Chapter 3: Day 1, 2

So anyway, I got up, and had some porridge (As there wasn't anything else to eat), and then we went to the first showing of the day, which was a childrens competition. We missed to beggining and had to find some seats. Most of these animations were bad/boring. Later we headed over to to the Bytown cinema for Short Competition 5. It may have been 3... anyway, it was pretty good. We did some stuff (boring market shopping) until something else. Then we went back to My mom's friend's house. Ate.

On the second day, it was almost like the first except different. Plus, this is the day I got to watch a bunch of Bob Clampett shorts, including: "Coal Black", a hilarious lampoon of Snow white. And we had to take pics to the War Memorial for father... and someone got hit by a truck. Oh Wait, that was on day one... Oh well. It's all blending together.

Chapter 4: Day 3, 4

On day 3 me and momma moved to a hotel that's bigger then the apartment I'll be moving into in a few weeks. Some some more shorts animations, international stuff and most importantly mine. However, The Showing was a TOTAL disaster. I will never forgive the liars in the phone, but since there's nothing I can, haven't, did, will do, or did not do then, now I'm trying to forget it. Here's what happened:
--[The Silent Film Series! a semi-decent flash-made-series that I made that uses a lot of Movie clips in it's animation. SF3 in particular. After seeing the chance to win som $$ in a scholarship, I submitted the flash, rules pending. Later, I win a place in the final 10! Wow! Now I have to export it to .mov. I can do that. However, I lose 70% of the animation. It could almost be done in powerpoint. I phone the festival tech-guys and say I may need help. They say to send in an FLA, and they'll take care of it! I do so. I send it in. However, they haven't fixed it at all. They could have at least emailed me, phoned me or something. They could have just ungrouped the fonts so the text actually looked period.]
There were some boring animations, and really, SF3 wasn't meant to be entered in a competition anyway! no money for me, but I did get a great animation-vacation!
Later on I got to watch John Kricfalusi (The creator of Ren an Stimpy) decompile his Hero, Bob Clampett. We also got to see a new Weird Al Music Video he was working on. I watched some more short film competitions after that, and then party-party... Oh yeah! It was the Ren And Stimpy Adult Party After the Cultoons- which have some of the most addictive soundtracks! (And scariest stop motion ou can imagine!) I got an autograph from John K., and gave him a pen...
Day 4 was pretty boring. I watched a guy from JibJab talk about his road to success, and an international film competition, and then it was time to go to the airport. Oh, Did I mention I Have a tranchcoat now?

Chapter 5: Airport 2 OR delays get you there later

At the Ottawa airport, it doesn't seem like it's going to be too busy. Boy. Am I wrong. We get our luggage onto the boarding thing, and lalala, Security is tight today for unknown reasons. I eat a sandwhich from Tim Hortons, which is American for donut shop. After this, we line up in a long line like cattle. Plus, I get pulled out to be searched. I'm a very suspisious person. Finally they open other xray booths to speed it up. I am AGAIN wearing a belt. On the plane, We wait, wait, wait, wait and finally Capn says: " Okay, it seems theres a little trouble with the conveyor belt. With that trouble and the headwinds, I'm afraid we'll be 1.5 hours late" I watched some XmEn movie, and played with the sound.

Chapter 6: Arrival

Calgary. Now to wait for the bags. Luckily everythings working, until the bag ahead of ours gets caught and we have to wait 15 minutes for personnel because it's 10:30. Now it's 1.5 hours to get home. Sigh. It was fun, but It was a lot of waiting. Luckily, I'm a masterwaiter.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Do You have Flash 6+?


Make your own 'Pierre' Cartoon. Not much fun, and not much imagination required, but thanks to this template, well- that's it!
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